Silicone hose factory

What are the inspection parameters of the silicone hose?

Stretching test

There is no obvious deformation or elongation when pulling the silicone hose by hand, and there is no crack after three times of bending, and there is no wrinkle on the surface of the silicone hose.

Flame resistance test

After the silicone hose is ignited under an open flame, it will naturally go out after 5 seconds.

Joint force test

Fold the silicone hose to be tested at 180 degrees for 3-5 times, and then carry out the pressure test.

High temperature test

After passing 1-2m of the silicone hose to be tested through a tunnel furnace (120°C for 45 minutes), the surface should be free of yellowing, bubbles and other appearance defects, and then the high-temperature silicone hose is subjected to a pressure test, and meets the pressure resistance requirements.

High pressure test

Sampling and sub-sample the silicone tube to be tested (after high temperature, bonding strength test, tensile test), and then pass the corresponding conductor (copper rod or iron rod) through the silicone hose, and take one end of the pressure resistance bar of the pressure tester to contact the conductor , The other end moves back and forth on the silicone hose through which the conductor passes. When the silicone hose is broken down, the withstand voltage tester sounds an alarm and it is a non-conforming product, otherwise it is a qualified product.



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