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0009872443 Charging air line for Mercedes-Benz Truck

Type: Radiator Hose
/ Intercool Hose
/charging air line
/Charger Air Hose
Material:100% Virgin Silicone Materials (Inner & Cover),
Polyester Reinforced
Reinforcement:4-5Ply Polyester
Surface: Smooth or Fabric
Color: Blue, Black, Red, etc.
Inner Diameter:50-70mm
OEM Number:0009872443 /A0009872443 /0015015082
Operating Temperatures:-60℃ to +200℃ (-75°F to 392°F)
Polyester Braid Reinforced
Engine Type: Engine Cooling System

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Pictures of Mercedes 0009872443 Charging air line

Specification of Mercedes 0009872443 Charging air line

Type:Radiator Hose
/ Intercool Hose
/Charging air line
/Charger Air Hose
Material:100% Virgin Silicone Materials (Inner & Cover), Polyester Reinforced
Reinforcement:4-5 Ply Polyester
Surface:Smooth or Fabric
Color:Blue, Black, Red, etc.
Inner Diameter:50-70mm
OEM Number:0009872443 /A0009872443 /0015015082
Operating Temperatures:-60℃ to +200℃ (-75°F to 392°F)
Polyester Braid Reinforced:
Engine Type:Engine Cooling System

Characteristics & Remark

Mercedes 0009872443 radiator hose meets or exceeds the SAEJ20 standard
Made of High Temp Reinforced Silicone
Easy to replace, cut, and adapt to your piping needs.
Heavy wall design gives it the ability to handle extreme pressure
Ideal for heavy-duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments,
extreme temperatures and various pressure ranges where high-performance levels are required
Mercedes silicone hose is compatible with water and anti-freeze such as coolant.
Mercedes-Benz charger intake hose is not compatible with fuel or oil.
For fuel and oil use, the hose needs to be lined with Fluoro Silicone.

Application of Mercedes 0009872443 Charging air line

Standards Rubber’s Mercedes 0009872443 radiator hose is suitable for performance trucks and vehicles,
Commercial truck and bus induction and cooling systems, All turbo diesel applications,
Agricultural and off-highway vehicles, Aerospace applications, Marine wet –exhaust,
So If you are looking for a cooling system Benz charger air hose, our silicone hose is the way to go.
Need a high-performance Mercedes-Benz charger intake hose order for your business?
You can’t beat the exceptional quality found here at Standards Rubber.

   Application of 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose

Technical Data

BrandModelVehicle TypeVehicle ClassYears
MercedesOther Bus SeriesBusEU1970 – 2019
MercedesConecto (O 345)BusEU2001 – 2019
MercedesCitaro (O 530)BusEU1998 – 2019
Mercedes BusEU2000 – 2018
MercedesO 500BusEU2000 – 2019
MercedesTourino (O 510)BusEU2003 – 2019
MercedesTravego (O 580)BusEU1999 – 2019

Video Description

About Us

Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd is a highly professional
and experienced manufacturer of auto silicone hose in China.
We have specialized in this field for over 7 years and always dedicated to
the producing of auto silicone hose in high quality, with a wide range of demands,
mainly producing automotive silicone tubes.
Standards' Line of Silicone Hose products is used in coolant and high-temperature applications.
The hose products are available for turbo and charge air coolers in straights and in formed hoses for engines.

Application of Auto Silicone Hose  

Business Scope

1.Meter Straight Silicone Hose
2.Straight Coupler Silicone Hose
3.Straight Reducer Silicone Hose
4.Elbow Silicone Hose
5.Reducer Silicone Hose
6. Reducer Elbow Silicone Hose
7.Hump Silicone Hose
8.T-shape Silicone Hose
9.Vacuum Silicone Hose
10. Mercedes Radiator Hose
11.SS Clamps

Why Choose Us

1.Our Chairman, Who Came From Technical Backgrounds,
Devoted In Silicone Industry Since The Year 2012.

2.Professional R&D Team With Rich Experience.
3.Only The Best Raw Materials Natural Rubber From Europe And American.
4.Only The Most Advanced Equipment And Skilled Technical Workers.
5.Only The Best Processes And Strict Inspection.
6.Efficient Sales Team With Satisfying Service.
7.We sincerely welcome partners all over the world to visit us for a win-win.

Contact Us

Mr.Jack Gao
Tel: 86-311-67267751
Fax: 86-311-67267751

Add: No.260, Tangu Nan Street, Yuhua District, 050035, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Packaging Details: The general package of our products is a carton or woven bag.
We can also provide special packages according to customer's requests.



Shipping by sea/air /courier (FedEx /DHL/TNT/UPS/China Post)according to your requests.
Sending the goods to your Chinese agent's warehouse is also workable.
Shipping of Medical Grade Silicone Hose

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