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Food grade silicone hose is of great significance for food

Food-grade silicone tubings is of great significance for food. The use of food-grade plastic has brought great changes to our lives, especially its own performance is relatively perfect. The food-grade silicone tubings is made of imported silicone raw materials, combined with scientific production technology, and the batch method is used to produce raw rubber. It fully adopts the high tear resistance and high transparency of fumed rubber, and the ultra-high and ultra-low hardness of the mixed rubber. The silicone tubing produced by this kind of silicone rubber has a wide range of adaptability.

Different from traditional food plastic, silicone tubings has excellent transparency performance, tasteless and non-toxic high-quality product, without yellowing, no blooming and other advantages. At the same time, the food-grade silicone tubings is an addition-molded silicone, which has strong high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. Even if it is heated in a sealed environment, the reduction phenomenon will not occur. Food-grade silica gel is made of high-quality silica gel (new imported food-grade silica gel raw materials), processed by scientific formula and advanced technology.

Food grade silicone tubings is of great significance to food. In fact, the various properties of the product also determine the scope of application of the product. The silicone hose is soft, flexible, resistant to kinking and deformation; does not crack, has a long service life; has higher tear strength and superior electrical properties; it is more suitable for food machinery silicone tubings. Generally, the hardness of food-grade silicone tubings is 45-80 degrees; the elongation is 500-700%; the common colors are transparent, white, black, red, green, blue, gray, etc.



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