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About Us

Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd. Is a highly professional total solutions exporter of silicone hose from China.

It has earned a loyal following by providing the highest quality products for more than 15 years.

We accept all over world OEM auto hoses and fittings orders and can export to you promptly,can produce customized package for you,and can print your logo on the products.

We have various molds for production many kinds of silicone hoses and fittings.We also can produce new mold to produce for you.

Our products include: automotive silicone hose,food grade silicone hose,beverage grade silicone hose,pharmaceutical grade silicone hose,etc.

with a wide use in automotive, commercial vehicles, ships, trains, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, ect.

We have our own production base in Hengshui and Hangzhou city. We have specialized in this field over 15 years and we expand international business since 2012.

We have become a trusted multinational OEM supplier.

That's because our performance hoses and fittings products offer numerous benefits that work well in a variety of systems and settings.

If you need hoses and fittings that will perform well under duress, in temperature extremes, in high-vibration systems,

in the presence of high humidity or steam, and under high pressures, we have the parts you need.

Our products offer our customers high-performance solutions at cost-effective prices.

What's more, our teams have the technical expertise to help you with your OEM or custom needs.

If the part you need doesn't exist, well design and create it for you.

Our company's long-term vision and dedication have paid off in the best possible way,

since we've become the supplier of choice to numerous first-tier OEM customers worldwide and have earned recognition for our many performance,

delivery, and quality achievements along the way.

We always dedicated to the production of auto hose/pipe and assembly in high quality, the products are being exported to the world including USA, Europe, Middle East, South America,

Africa and South-East Asian Nations.

We are dedicated to providing quality products at competitive prices. Quality control is a high priority & our parts are rigorously tested before being offered to the market.

Our dedicated staff ensures that parts meet exacting international standards.

Our goal is to help customers to reduce the costs for importing auto hoses and fittings,improve the quality and after-sale services for clients from all over the world.

We pride ourself on our ability to develop and sustain a strong after-sale service team that has extensive experience in its business.

Our global international business center address is : No.108, Tabei Road, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China,you can telephone or fax us using: 86 - 311 - 67267751,

and our mobile phone number is : +86 - 15373831907,this is 24 hours serving phone,please contact us in any time as you desire.

You can also contact us with whatsApp number: +86 - 15373831907 or skype number : taihang.gao

For know us more, you can visit our website: you can email us by:

Welcome to our company!

Our Advantage


Our team comprises members equipped with experiences in almost all fields related to design and development of silicone hose. if have any needs your new products or make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.


Raw materials are the foundation of product quality.
Only by selecting the best raw materials and accurate ratio can we produce the best silicone hose. Our rubber raw materials come from top suppliers all over the world, such as: Dow, Korea LG, Sinopec, etc.


Committed ourselves to turning out the finest products, we attach the utmost importance to quality standards in production.


Standards rubber company work closely with our raw material suppliers and engineers for the betterment quality of products. Our controlling in this regard includes thorough inspections throughout the whole process to manufacturing. Sparing you the extra employment of quality control inspectors.


Should your rubber hose require testing and certification to comply with international standards (ISO,FDA, CCS,SGS etc). we can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing companies.


One of the main concerns of buyers is 'will the packing be suitable to my product?' We understand that the packing is as important. And in some cases, even more important than product itself.


We can offer the complete package from concept to delivery, arranging everything up until the point your product arrives at your own or distribution hub. Expedient and efficient.


We put a lot of hard work into making sure we supply you with the products you want, so why wouldn’t we want to hear about your success with them? Your feedback is vital for us to make continuous improvement.



How are pharmaceutical grade silicone hoses sold and at what price?

The price is determined according to the type of silicone hose, the size and length of the hose, whether it has a joint or not. If you need a quotation, you need to provide information such as the type, specification, length of the hose, whether it has a joint, and whether you want an invoice. Welcome to contact us fo ... + Read more

Does the silicone hose meet the requirements of pharmaceutical grade?

The silicone hose meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical factory, and the company will provide corresponding certificates, FDA inspection reports and other materials. In response to inspections by the Food and Drug Administration. ... + Read more

How high temperature can the silicone hose withstand?

Silicone hoses can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees. Low temperature can withstand -60 degrees without hardening, up to 220 degrees high temperature, suitable for use in various extreme environments. ... + Read more

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